Welcome to the official BitPagos documentation.

To get started integrating BitPagos, check out the topics listed in the sidebar. The documentation is currently under active development. In addition to using the web application for processing reservations and payments you can explore the developer friendly methods below.

Simple Payment Button

This is a button that is fully configured inside the BitPagos > Manage Buttons page. It's the easiest way to add a payment button on your site, since it can be configured through the website without the need to touch your site code once inserted.

Payment Button (Configurable)

This is a button that is inserted in the page as a script tag. By customizing the script tag parameters, the amount, title, description and other settings can be set by your page. The form wrapper provides a way to POST into your desired action url.


Create a custom checkout page programmatically on demand and send your customers there. Once the checkout is complete they will be redirected to your own "Thank You" url.


There is a full API for interacting with the BitPagos gateway. Examples are currently provided using CURL.